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10 Things in 10 Years with HOPE’s President

HOPE InternationalRecently a colleague and friend of mine, Peter Greer, wrote an inspiring article about his 10-year anniversary as president of HOPE International. After taking a moment to explain how grateful he was to have had the opportunity to serve with the organization, he reflected on his time spent with HOPE. He created a list of 10 things he had learned at HOPE International these past 10 years. His reflections are as follows:

1.    When hiring… Choose wisely. When you have the right people on your team, good things will happen.
2.    Culture matters. Setting a clear culture is the best guide for employee behavior. By having a clear culture, many organizational issues fade away.
3.    Care for families, not just the employees. By supporting the families of your employees, they will not be able to forget you. From flexible work arrangements to providing a free meal, these simple gestures can mean the world.
4.    It’s always the small things. Small things that happen on a daily basis matter to employees more than “big” things such as benefits packages.
5.    Simplify. Focusing on core elements and goals and repeating them helps an organization remain progressive and unified.
6.    Measure what matters and celebrate often. Measuring is the key to getting things done. Celebrating these measurements is the key to a healthy organization.
7.    Asking the right questions matters more than getting the right answers. It is questions, not answers, which find the root of a problem.
8.    Commit to continual learning. An impactful organization is one whose members are constantly pursuing knowledge, excellence and progress.
9.    Be willing to change your role. Be flexible and do not hold tightly to roles and assignments. Always ask yourself what you can do to help better your organization.
10.   Never forget – every good thing is a gift from God. Remember to thank God for all good things that happen.

These 10 lessons are so valuable and relevant to people of all industries and careers. Thank you, Peter, for everything you have done for HOPE International and will continue to do in the future!

Until next time,

Jeff Rutt