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In farming, you need three things: efficiency, perseverance and a positive attitude. Those are the same qualities you need to succeed in home building.

20 Years Too Long

I recently had the pleasure of being inspired by a dear friend and colleague, President and CEO of HOPE International, Peter Greer. Since he joined the HOPE team in 2004, Peter has not only brought in experience and expertise in microfinance but a passion and enthusiasm for HOPE’s message that cannot be found elsewhere. In a recent speech he gave, he told a story that has really resonated with me.

Peter told the story of a woman that HOPE had the pleasure of working with. This woman was a mother who knew how to sew, and she had been sewing by hand to make a living. She knew if she could save enough money to purchase a $100 sewing machine that she could increase her profits exponentially. She set this as her goal and began to save. Over the past five years of sewing and selling, she was only able to save $25. At this rate, it would take her 20 years to save enough to improve her business.

Peter then proposed the question, “How do you hold onto hope for 20 years?” HOPE International wants to be the voice that says “hold on; don’t give up; we are here for you and we believe in your potential.” It is situations like these that HOPE tries to help provide assistance to accelerate entrepreneurial progress. By providing a small $100 loan, this woman can start building her savings account so she can send her children to school, provide for her family and step away from the cycle of poverty.

Through our aid, HOPE International wants to prove that hope can be found in Jesus Christ. To watch Peter Greer’s moving speech, visit the YouTube video above.

Until next time,

Jeff Rutt