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We Can Work Together to Fight Slavery

End It

End it! Photo originally from HOPE International’s Instagram.

We are surrounded by numbers and statistics. In news stories, sports columns and on every 24-hour news channel, stats are everywhere. In fact, we are so inundated that it can sometimes be hard to find a statistic that stops us in our tracks.
Think about this: Nearly two million children are exploited in the sex industry. The slave trade as a whole generates profits for its captors to the tune of $32 billion.

The first time I read that it took my breath away, and I had to read it a second time. Add up the populations of Baltimore, Memphis and Detroit, and you’re pretty close to the number of children in the global sex trade. I don’t think there are many statistics that are more alarming and cause your heart to break so severely.

I found this sobering news in a recent blog post by Ashley Dickens on HOPE International. If you’re a regular reader of the HOPE blog, you know that the vast majority of the posts are uplifting stories about the organization working to share God’s love and help people across the world escape from poverty. Those stories have happy endings.

For those two million kids and the millions of other men and women trapped in slavery, they know that until they are free, they cannot be happy. The International Justice Mission (IJM) is fighting back. In communities in the developing world, IJM is rescuing victims and sending the criminals to face justice in the courts. IJM is rebuilding lives and spreading the message that people won’t allow nearly 30 million people to remain in slavery.

Please take a moment and visit, and learn how you can help end slavery and other crimes that are committed against the world’s poorest people. The numbers can seem staggering, but don’t think you can’t make a difference. Pray, donate or get involved. Together we can spread God’s love and save those who cannot save themselves.

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Jeff Rutt