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Ford Plans to Connect Cars with Smart Homes

Smart Homes

Our eco-friendly homes are getting smarter!

As technology continues to evolve, products are being created to make our lives easier on the go. Being able to control your car from your home and your home from your car is Ford’s new goal. Recently, Ford announced it is working to pair the Amazon Echo with SYNC Connect, Ford’s new information and entertainment center in new vehicles.

Amazon Echo is an Amazon cloud-based voice service that allows people to play music, provide information on all topics, and more; all you have to do is ask. Smart home products are becoming more common, so Ford plans to jump ahead of the curve and begin to have SYNC and Echo working together. After linking these smart devices, you will be able to access your home and car from the other and ask for information and request assistance.

From your car, you will be able to turn on home lights, open or close garages, and check on home security systems. From your home, you will be able to start or stop your car, lock and unlock it, check fuel and mileage, and so much more. Having this innovative technology will put car and home owners at ease, and make it easier for them to stay connected while on the move.

With evolving technology like this, it simply makes life easier for us. Will you be adding these products to your new Keystone Custom Home?

Jeff Rutt