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In farming, you need three things: efficiency, perseverance and a positive attitude. Those are the same qualities you need to succeed in home building.

HOPE International Hosts Investing in Dreams Breakfasts across the Country

Investing in DreamsAt HOPE International, we are committed to bringing awareness to people around the nation. We host or endorse a number of events each year so that people can see what we do and learn about our mission. These events are a great opportunity to support the cause, meet the HOPE staff and network with other friends of HOPE. This fall, from October to November, we will be hosting Investing in Dreams Breakfasts in twelve cities across the states to share with you the importance of investing in your dreams though discipleship, training, savings and small loans.

Across this world, there are over 1.2 billion people struggling with less than $1.25 a day. Little things that we don’t stop twice to think about become a matter of life or death for those living in poverty. Questioning if there will be enough food for dinner or if there is enough money for medicine when you’re sick are all questions we take for granted; however, at HOPE International, we are seeing men and women break the cycle of poverty by learning to ask different questions. “How can I grow my business?” or “”How is God calling me to give back to my church and community?” are types of questions that are leading people out of poverty. It’s all about learning how to invest in someone greater to achieve something better.

Join us as HOPE International’s president and CEO, Peter Greer, shares how HOPE equips families from all over the world to invest in their dreams. For a list of cities and dates near you, please click here.

Jeff Rutt