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Video Interview of Jeff Rutt speaking about Keystone Custom Homes

CEO Jeff Rutt sheds some light on what makes Keystone unique and why consumers are choosing Keystone Custom Homes more their dream home.

Video Transcript:

Claire: Hi, I’m Claire Brown, and I’m standing here at the corporate headquarters for Keystone Custom Homes, the first-ever three-time winner of the America’s Best Builder Award and one of the top builders in the country. I’m here to find out why more people are buying Keystone custom homes. And what better way to get to the bottom of the secrets than right in their own backyard. Come on, let’s go see. Well, I’ve come here to find out why more people are buying Keystone Custom Homes. And I figured, who better to talk to than the Owner and CEO of Keystone Custom Homes? Thanks for meeting with me, Jeff.

Jeff: Thank you for coming here to visit us.

Claire: So, what is the customer experience like at Keystone Custom Homes?

Jeff: From the moment you step foot into our model home until the day you move into your brand-new Keystone custom home, our team’s desire is to make the building of your new home the best experience for you and your family. We guarantee you’ll enjoy working with our team members just as much as we enjoy building your new home.

Claire: What makes a Keystone custom home different?

Jeff: Keystone’s philosophy is to build above and beyond for our customers. We live that mission every single day here at Keystone. We’ve built over 4,300 homes since our founding over 20 years ago, and are a leading home builder right here in Central Pennsylvania. We were the first builder ever to be named America’s Best Builder three times by Builder Magazine, which is considered the most prestigious award a home builder can achieve.

Claire: So, why do you think more people are buying Keystone custom homes?

Jeff: I believe it’s because, in addition to a great customer experience, we offer more choices at a better value. However, I think you should talk to a few more key people on our team. Why don’t you start with our online new home adviser, who is the first team member home buyers talk to?

Claire: I will. Thank you.

Jeff: Thank you.