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Knowledge is Power in the END IT Movement


HOPE International’s influence as a global nonprofit coincides with the END IT Movement’s efforts to end modern day slavery by creating job opportunities that then protect freedoms.

The END IT Movement is a coalition of the leading organizations in the world in the fight for freedom for victims of sex trafficking, bonded labor and forced labor. Each of END IT’s partners work to bring awareness, prevention, rescue and restoration. HOPE International is present in many areas that are exposed to human trafficking and forced labor, because traffickers prey on poverish areas and victims who feel that there is no other option. HOPE’s approach is to provide education, inspiration and empowerment at the root causes of modern slavery, essentially to END IT.

Unfortunately, with limited options to provide for their families, many who live in poverty willingly enter bonded labor, the most widespread form of slavery. In bonded labor, an individual is demanded to work as repayment for a loan, a cycle that seemingly never ends because most bonded labor victims are born into slavery and forced to repay a loan from generations before. Under the false hope of a better life and job opportunities, many individuals willingly enter into human trafficking and realize their mistake once it is too late to turn back. Some families that are in desperate need, are willing to sell a child for money. They are promised that their child will be properly taken care of and provided educational opportunities, but this is rarely the case.

Modern day slavery is an issue that requires immediate and long-term solutions to END IT. HOPE International makes an important contribution to this effort by providing long-term solutions. Many victims, who are lucky enough to escape trafficking, are still a victim of poverty, which leads them back to their traffickers for “help”. These victims are recovering from the emotional, and sometimes physical, trauma and looking to survive any way that they can. Thanks to HOPE’s endeavors, many families are spared from having to make these types of decisions by creating meaningful jobs that provide opportunities for individuals and their communities and protecting that achieved freedom. HOPE’s presence provides an alternative to slavery that promotes sustainability for the future.

There are 27 million people trapped in slavery around the world today and 55 percent of forced labor victims are women and girls. Over 67 percent of HOPE’s clientele is female. Our existence in areas where women have formerly been considered less important, provides empowerment that creates a recovered future for them and their families.

We will continue to do our part while spreading the Word in our efforts.

Jeff Rutt