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In farming, you need three things: efficiency, perseverance and a positive attitude. Those are the same qualities you need to succeed in home building.

New HOPE Book: Entrepreneurship for Human Flourishing

Entrepreneurship for Human FlourishingAcross America and around the globe, hundreds of thousands of individuals dedicated to excellence wake up every day to fight the particular battles of their lives. For some, it’s selling stocks or insurance. For others, it’s growing and harvesting crops. And for a few, it’s digging fresh water wells in impoverished, desert regions a continent away.

All of these people can believe the same thing about the value of human life and the importance of poverty eradication. Unfortunately, more often than not, the insurance agent and the Kansas farmer either forgets or doesn’t know that he has just as much chance to impact the world and help alleviate poverty as the woman digging wells across the world.
Two friends of mine, Peter Greer, president of HOPE International, and Chris Horst, vice president of development for HOPE International, got together and wrote Entrepreneurship for Human Flourishing to address the separation of international justice/poverty alleviation and business today. Together, they’ve created a book that explains how we can—and should—unite successful business practices with charity to build small enterprises.

Peter, Chris, and I all believe in the importance of work as a glorifying and necessary part of our lives. We also believe, and they explain in the book, that doing our everyday, average jobs can have incredible impacts on the world around us.

“If we are truly committed to justice and poverty eradication, then we simply must learn to celebrate the powerful impact of ‘normal’ everyday businessmen and businesswomen” (Chapter 1, Page 3).

Do not underestimate the impact of your work on your community and on the world. If you don’t believe me, talk to Peter and Chris. They wrote a whole book on it.

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Jeff Rutt