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Open Concept Living Space

York new home kitchenWhen looking for a new home, you quickly realize what type of floor plans you like best. The most popular these days is an open concept plan, and there are plenty of reasons why.

One pro to the open floor plan is that it creates a more social setting. Since there are not walls to close off one room from another, someone can be watching television in the living room while talking to someone in the dining room. The space gives people easier access to interacting with each other. Also, the open space makes it easier for you to keep an eye on your kids. They can roam around the house, and you can still watch and hear them from another room.

Another pro to having an open floor plan is because there are better views and way more natural light. Since there aren’t any walls to block the sunlight, the light goes in through the window and spreads through more of the house, and you can see multiple rooms better. Although there are fewer walls to decorate, you can be more creative when decorating an open floor plan. You have a lot of space and can make each room flow to the other.

One last pro to the open concept is that it’s easier to entertain and host parties and gatherings. Whether for a birthday or reunion, you have a lot more space to for your guests, food and other things you might need to set out. As well, people who are cooking and preparing food can still socialize with the people in the dining room or living room. Open floor plans help bring everyone together in the same space with plenty of room.
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Jeff Rutt