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Perspectives on Global Poverty

Perspectives on Global PovertyEach and every day, a growing number of people live in poverty across the developing world. Some gather each week to save small amounts of money as a group to build a reserve for the future. These groups save, pray and encourage each other as they continue their fight to a better future. In HOPE International’s book, Perspectives on Global Poverty, we model a small group curriculum after these individuals.

The Perspectives on Global Poverty curriculum examines global poverty from a biblical perspective and encourages group members to save money to donate to the cause. The book is rooted in the Bible, and it draws on the knowledge learned by development experts. This eight-week study is perfect for small groups or Sunday school classes looking to study poverty.

Lessons within the book challenge the group to widen their definition of poverty, explore God’s commands in relation to the poor and show the importance of integrating word and action. The book also includes the Never Ending Hope challenge, which encourages group members to find and implement creative ways to make $10. This allows the group to experience how these groups of poverty stricken individuals operate and to support them in their fight to remove themselves from poverty.

By choosing to study this book with your small group, you will be challenged to take God’s heart for the poor into your own and experience the everyday challenges they face. A set of these books can be purchased online for $10 a set, or can be viewed for free as a PDF.

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