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Popular Bathroom Updates

Wall tiles in a Keystone homeThe bathroom is one of the most popular rooms to remodel and update today. Adding unique styles and personal wishes can increase your home’s value and give you the relaxation you want in your own home. Whether you prefer a traditional or contemporary style, take a look at these ideas for updating your bathroom:

Wall Tiles

Although the traditional white tiles for floors and walls are still used, many homeowners are using colors like gray and cobalt to change things up in their updated bathrooms. More people are also using modern wall tiles such as faux bois, floral patterns and glass. Changing the style of your bathroom walls and using modern wall tiles can completely change the look of your bathroom.

Heated Floors

Another hot commodity homeowners are using to update their bathrooms is heated floors. Even though it happens so many times, we tend to forget just how cold our bathroom floors are when stepping out of the shower. This is why many are installing radiant heat in their flooring, and they have found that it actually can lower the heating costs in your home because homeowners with heated floors are turning down their thermostats.

Metal Fixtures

Being creative and using metal fixtures, lighting and sinks are a popular way to update your bathroom. Whether you are using bronze, copper or cast iron, they are beautiful accent pieces to add to your bathroom’s Metal fixtures in a Keystone homedesign. Paying attention to detail and incorporating metal into your bathroom can give it the unique touch you are looking for.


One of the most popular ways to invest in and update your bathroom is using technology. One way homeowners are using technology is by installing wireless speakers into their showers, so they can stream audio while in the shower. Another way to update your bathroom with technology is installing self-cleaning, heated toilets. Whichever your preference, adding technology to your bathroom is a great way to update it.

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