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In farming, you need three things: efficiency, perseverance and a positive attitude. Those are the same qualities you need to succeed in home building.

Serving a Community with a Desire to Serve the Lord

Mardy Conde Cabalo Growing up in the Philippines, Mardy Conde Cabalo became a role model at a very young age. When she was only 12 years old, Mardy was left motherless. At that moment, she took the role as mother and father for her two siblings, taking on any odd jobs she could find to support them. Years later, Mardy married and had four daughters. Her determination and willpower continued as she started selling cosmetics, clothing and shoes when her husband’s income was not enough. Mardy desperately wanted to send her daughters to college, but even with two incomes, she feared this would not be possible.

In 2005, Mardy’s friend invited her to a Bible study with CCT, HOPE’s local partner. During this study, Mardy learned about CCT’s small business loans and quickly realized their potential to grow her business. Today, her profits have helped her send her three oldest daughters to college with the youngest college-bound. In addition to sending her daughters to college, Mardy has purchased a computer and a motorcycle, made a payment on a piece of farmland and continues to attend the daily needs of her family and her community.

“I prayed, asking the Lord for wisdom that through this business I would be able to help others earn a living for themselves,” explains Mardy who wants to see others be filled with the same joy that she has when she provides for her family. Mardy has also participated in CCT’s leadership development training where she has grown closer with the Lord through discipleship. Also, Mardy currently volunteers with its community development program. Here, she helps coordinate dental and medical missions and helps train women start their own business. She teaches women how to make putopao (a savory rice cake), dishwashing liquid, and how to debone milkfish.

Mardy continues to help serve her family and her community through the love of Christ. When her extended family moved to the city, Mardy helped pay for their housing, education, and medical emergencies as they looked for jobs and became established. Next, Mardy plans to meet with village leaders to discuss how CCT can provide volunteer health assistance at local government clinics.

One day, Mardy dreams of owning her own shoe-making business so she can provide jobs to community members. Motivated by her desire to serve the Lord, Mardy is determined to see her community thrive with financially independent individuals who are capable of supporting this families.

Mardy’s faith has flourished through her relationship with CCT. She is active in her church, and ministers through Bible studies, prayer, counseling and hospital visits. Over 25 families have come to know Christ through her witness. Her faith will continue to inspire others.

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-Jeff Rutt