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Third Savings and Credit Association Partnership in India Calls for a Joyous Celebration

HOPE InternationalOver the summer, we had the joy to celebrate the launch of HOPE International’s third savings and credit association (SCA) partnership in India. On the Fourth of July, HOPE staff members and partners on the other side of world joined us as we ate some cake and curry to celebrate this joyous event.

The SCA trains groups of individuals to save their own money as a safety net when the economy is uncertain, and then the money can be used to fund small businesses. During the training program, people experience social and spiritual growth as they read God’s word and receive holistic training on prayer, trust and discipleship.

At first, many participants were skeptical about how the program would help. Usually, most participants came from a region where the government was corrupted. As the week progressed, however, many became open to see how this program could change their lives.

As the week progressed, the participants became more engaged as they learned more about how savings groups have become a tool of reconciliation across HOPE’s global network. Members meet together regularly to share God’s word with one another and to support each other. By the end of the week, they could not wait to go home to their communities to start.

“Honestly, I thought I would stay only one day…I had heard stories about corrupt saving groups in India. However, I realized how this ministry was different and could change lives,” voiced an anonymous participant on the celebration night. “I am so excited to begin savings groups in my church and community.”

At the end of the week, participants ranging from pastors to community leaders received their certificates as they look back to remember their emotional and satisfying journey. We are excited for the nation of India, and we ask that you join us in prayer for these leaders as they share the message of Christ’s love and reconciliation and that the SCA will be a powerful tool in their communities.

Until next time,

Jeff Rutt