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Volunteering is Positive for Everyone Involved

Giving back is one of the most important acts people can do in their lives. There are millions of people who need our help, whether it’s a job, a place to live or just someone to listen. It’s no secret that aiding others benefits those on the receiving end of our good deeds. But it also has surprising benefits for those who are helping others.

Dr. David Jones recently wrote about this aspect of volunteering. As a professor of management at the School of Business at the University of Vermont he has been studying the effects of volunteer work in relation to the attitude of employees where companies promote volunteering.

Of course, we all know it feels good to give back. But, it’s not just good for your soul. Dr. Jones found that volunteers with Citizen Schools saw improvements in their own lives after they volunteered with the non-profit.

Check out these incredible numbers:

•    About 50 percent of the Citizen Teachers surveyed said they had improved presentation and public-speaking skills.
•    Around 45 percent of the teachers surveyed said they improved in project management, leadership and mentoring.
•    More than three-quarters of those surveyed said they “felt prouder about working for their company.”
•    About 59 percent of respondents said they “feel more committed to their employer.”

Think about that for a minute. These employees are proud of not just the business of the company they work for, but that the company has made volunteerism a priority. The study also found a majority of those surveyed were more committed and more satisfied with their employer.

Volunteering is so important in today’s world. As employers, we must make sure that employees are praised for giving back to the community and encouraged to continue. As this study notes, volunteering not only helps those in need, but it improves the skills of those giving back and makes them happier people. I think we can all appreciate those types of benefits.

What benefits do you receive from volunteering? Let me know in the comments.

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Jeff Rutt