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Winter’s Affect on the Housing Market

Keystone family roomI found this proverb the other day, and I don’t think it could be any more appropriate.

“No matter how long the winter, spring is sure to follow.”

Not many people feel like leaving their home when the weather is cold, damp and dreary, so it’s no wonder that the housing industry can experience a slow-down during the winter. Curling up next to the fire with family and a cup of hot chocolate can be much more appealing than braving the crazy weather Pennsylvania has experienced this year to tour a home. Who can blame them? This winter has been rough.

We noticed the slow-down during the cold weather here at Keystone Custom Homes, but we continued to enhance our inventory so that our home buyers could have even more options to choose from during the year’s warmer months. Luckily, it’s now officially springtime. Even though Pennsylvania temperatures are still a bit chilly, temperatures are slowly warming up, which means finding your new home will be more enjoyable.

With Keystone Custom Homes’ large inventory of functional floor plans and energy efficient homes, buyers can be happy about more than just the warmer weather. Along with plenty of great available homes, home buyers will get to see the beautiful landscaping in Keystone Custom Homes’ communities.

So, now that temperature is bearable, we look forward to seeing you out and about visiting our homes.

Which Keystone Custom Homes community is on your list to visit?

Until next time,
Jeff Rutt