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York Named #10 in Best Cities for Children

Jeff RuttYork has been recently named as one of the “10 Best Cities for Children” to live in on a list accumulated by SmartAsset. SmartAsset is a personal finance technology company headquartered in New York, New York that uses financial modeling to power advice on major financial decisions. SmartAsset considered the country’s 200 largest metropolitan areas for the list, with key factors such as the Quality of Schools weighing in the standing.

With information from every school district in York County used for the study, York was ranked as number 10 on the list of best cities. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the study stated that, “Though York itself is quite small, with a population just over 40,000. The metro area in York County has 437,000 people.” The region’s school rates were exceptionally rated, showing a graduation rate of 90 percent and high levels of aptitude in subjects such as math and reading.

Keystone Custom Homes has 13 communities in York County, offering single-family homes near a multiplicity of school districts. There are a variety of conveniences such as shopping, restaurants and recreation areas close by in our York communities, the perfect place for families to enjoy quality time with one another.  Keystone Custom Homes offers a variety of popular floor plans with styles perfect for the whole family.

At Keystone Custom Homes, we look to ensure that you find the perfect place for your family to call their own. Our gorgeous York communities offer a variety of homes near a multitude of school districts that will help your children grow and succeed each and every day. To find your dream home that suites your family’s needs, visit to see more of our York communities today.

-Jeff Rutt